Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Craft Fair Photos :)

So here are some pics of things I've been working on. Most of them are from my first craft fair event. It was super fun :)
My table at my first craft fair two weekends ago. Here you can see me clutch bags, my button basket, and part of my owls and penguins :) 

My wonderful banner :) 

My table! :) 

My smile stars :) 

My gorgeous penguins! :D I love them so much. They are my favorite pattern that I've ever created :) 

My buttons :) Hand drawn, colored, and buttonized :) 

 My clutch bags. Embellished ones in the far left row :)

Wishing Owls! I love making these little guys. It take so long to hand embroider each one but I enjoy it so much :)  

My Wishing Owl saying ")

Here's my army of wishing owls before the fair:) Aren't they cute? :)
I got my business cards!:D 

Stitching Happiness penguins in progress :) 

Stitching Happiness penguins in further progress :)

Well that's it for now! I hope you like them :) Please comment or leave an opinion :)

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